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Four Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are very important in the life of your baby as it will be registered in their memory to be one of the most memorable moments in their lives. And, as parents, you just cannot afford to take it for granted. Therefore, if you are planning to have baby shower, plan it well so that everyone can enjoy.

One of the most awaited parts of baby shower is the games. Children always seek for it as well as the parents as they always want their children to be happy. If you are the host, have some time to find good baby shower games to add the excitement during this memorable party.

To be able to help you with the baby shower games, here are the top four baby shower games you can use to make everyone excited;

#1. Never Say “Baby”

Materials needed include baby safety pins and yarn or any string.

At the onset of the party, have every woman wear a yarn with baby safety around their neck. This game will run throughout the end of the party. Any woman who utters the word “Baby” will be taken out and the woman who caught her will take the string and wears it. To make it short, at the end of the party, the woman who has most of the string worn in her neck is the winner.

#2. Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size

Materials to be used are yarn or string and scissors.

Gather all women and have each one pull a string or yarn and estimate the size of the expectant mother. Each woman should compare the string they cut to the actual size of the expectant mother’s tummy. The one who can get the exact or the closest size wins the game.

#3. Name All the Baby Items You Know

Materials to be used are pen and paper to be given to every woman.

Now, once all the women have pen and paper in front of them, have them jot down all the baby items they know about within five minutes. The one who has more items written down wins the game and claims the prize.

#4. Draw my Baby

Materials include baby magazines, scissors, glue and paper.

Group all women into three teams. Each team must have baby magazines, scissors, glue and paper. Once everyone is ready, have them draw a face of the baby by simply cutting out each picture and each part of the body from the baby magazines and connect them to form a face. The team with the most handsome or beautiful cutouts will claim the price.

Baby shower games are the ones which make the party colorful and enjoyable. The party is supposed to be for women only, however, men can also join if the women let them. If not, then they will have to form their own party on the other side of the party site.

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