I want to be able to make some money, but there isn’t any jobs available

“The credit crunch has really put a bummer on getting a summer job, which are mostly now taken up by adults who have been laid off their previous one. We all know that you can just mow lawns, put up garage sales, and make lemonade to make a few hundred bucks, but where are some other opportunities?”

The internet is a great starting point for teenagers, you already know how to use Facebook, MySpace, Xanga, LiveJournal, Twitter, and all those other social networking sites. Use these places as a starting point as they’re great ways to get your friends involved. Your parents will need to get involved too because most of these services that I’m about to mention require you to be 18.\

Add around $5-10 extra to the base price and you can easily make a nice little profit out of it. In the past what I’ve done is made Harry Potter related shirts and stickers and they were great sellers! Just be careful about the copyrights and that you images are big in size. Post links to your latest products on your Facebook, etc and you could get a couple interested customers! Posting on their official message boards usually can get the attention of those who are dedicated buyers of these places.

Like to write books? Lulu is a self publishing service that lets you put everything from books, calendars, to DVDs. It’ll even let you put it up on, and of course, who wouldn’t like that?! You could even get picked up by a great publisher. Or maybe you’re an artist? Etsy is a place to sell homemade goods. I use it for my photography prints, others sell paintings, clothes, jewelry, and furniture. Their message boards are a great place to advertise your latest creations too!

I picked these selections out because they are the safest in terms of, you’re not gambling with money. Etsy is the only one that requires PayPal and has listing fees, they have other options of receiving payments for items that I do NOT recommend for minors. Payments sent through the mail often get lost or can get your address disclosed to the wrong people. You have more protection using PayPal than you would with simply asking for cash.

Nowadays making money at home for moms are very popular, let me know what is your experience on this method, please share with us here.

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