Things to Have Fun With Your Family on a Sunday

How to Spend a Sunday with Your Family

Today, I had a great Sunday with my family. It started by getting up with Tracy and Elias at around 7:00 am. Tracy made Eli’s breakfast and made tea for her and myself. I made eggs for Tracy and I. We ate breakfast together (Emma likes to sleep in a little), but we had a great early morning. I played with Eli as Tracy grabbed a shower, Eli and I watched Super Hero Squad, well more so me, as Eli is only eight months. (Superhero Squad is a great cartoon by the way.)

Tracy, Emma and Eli then went to the pet store to get Emm a new hermit crab as her old one died after about a month or so. It was a fun thing to do. While they were out, I managed to finish our taxes. Then Emma and I had lunch and decided to go for a mountain bike ride. It made me think back three years ago as we moved into our new house and Emma was learning how to ride her new bike. We have a nice trail behind our house that takes us up to a dam. It’s about 5km, so it’s a nice little ride. After we arrived at the dam, Emma and I decided to hike up the mountain. It was here where last July there was a raging fire that resulted in us being evacuated from our home for 5 days… Elias was only two weeks old when this happened.

Anyways we decided to hike up the hill to see what the damage was as a result of the fires. It was kind of an eerie feeling seeing trees and brush that had burnt. Emma brought her camera and she took a number of cool pictures of the scenery including an amazing shot of three woodpeckers on three trees that had been scorched about fifteen feet high. Emma and I had a lot of fun, we even stopped off at a little pond on our way home.  It was a great little hike and a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

10 Things to Make Sunday a Family Funday

  1. Go for a Hike – depending on where you live, going for a hike can be a fun and educational experience. A family hike is a great way to teach the kids about nature and the environment.
  2. Do some Baking – ask the kids to research some recipes and do some baking. Try a healthy new recipe and have the kids help out.
  3. Plan a Backyard Adventure – want to get some work done in the backyard? Plan a little backyard adventure to get the kids to help out with some maintenance and clean up.
  4. Go for a Bike Ride – nothing like being outdoors and cruising the trails on your bike.
  5. Rent a Sunday Night Movie – there are a number of great family movies to check out.
  6. Visit a Pet Shop – go to the pet store and check out all of the cute puppies, kitties, and animals. Learn all about the latest toys and foods for your pets. It is a great way to educate the kids about the responsibilities of taking care of a pet.
  7. Create Some Art – think of creative things for the family to do, from painting and drawing, to gardening and photography, there are hundreds of crafts to experiment with.
  8. Go Swimming – whether it is indoors or outdoors, take the family swimming and enjoy some family exercise time.
  9. Go for a Sunday Drive – pack the kids up, grab some snacks and take a drive to somewhere you wouldn’t normally go.
  10. Take in a Flea Market or Garage Sale – how does the saying go? Some people garbage are other people’s treasures? Flea markets and garage sales can be quite fun as there is usually a little something for everyone there.

Looking for something for the family to do on a Sunday? Try some of the items mentioned above and enjoy time with your family, no matter how old your kids are, it will be a great way to spend some quality time together.

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